Our Work

Each life, organization, event and place has an essence, a unique truth beyond the bare facts. We are committed to using all the tools of our craft to uncover that truth, whatever the purpose, audience or scope of your production.

The Bocca Verita

The Bocca Verita, or Mouth of Truth, is a symbol of our commitment to you.The legend in ancient Rome was that if someone put a hand in the Bocca and did not speak the truth, the mouth would close upon it. In our work, speaking the truth means thoughtfully combining every available element to bring your story to life aesthetically, intellectually, and emotionally so that it will be: a story that is “Truly Made to Last”.

Video Samples

We’ve assembled video samples from the four areas of our work. We’ve designed each sample to be a short story, complete within itself. We hope you will enjoy them.

Video Biographies

Histories of Place

Organizations & Businesses

Broadcast & Educational