While most of our clients choose a video presentation to preserve their life or business histories, some may prefer a book. We equally enjoy working these clients to shape their stories…and we have the design and publishing resources to ensure that the words and visual elements here will be as elegant as those in our films.


The Process

As filmmakers we work in a medium that demands a clear story line, good pacing and revealing comments. We bring this same awareness to our writing. We record your entire story on audio, then construct the narrative to include significant people, places and events. While we do the necessary rewriting to make it “a good read”, we strive to preserve your language, so that future readers can hear your voice as well as know your story.

What Our Readers Have Said


"I loved having the opportunity to read about the people who have been important in your life, knowing or having heard of them. Your book is inspiring, informative, contextualizing and entertaining."

Sid F. Baltimore


"It has given us no end of enjoyment and thought provocation, it’s educational, revealing about your life, and just plain fun. They really captured your essence."

Richard K, Memphis


"Thank you for sharing your life story in such a clear and comprehensive way. We always admired you, and now have some real insight into your personal, business and civic lives."

Jack F, Philadelphia