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We design and create documentaries about individuals, groups, events and communities for wider audiences.

Citizens Not Subjects!
Exploring a legendary political boss’s 40-year stranglehold on a southern city, and how three remarkable men came together to revive democratic government.

Broadcast Regionally on PBS

“I still marvel at your command of so many characters and events. The film should be an important part of the education of everyone who lives here, or anywhere there is a need to preserve participatory democracy.”
– Craig G. Leake / Director of Graduate Film Studies, University of Memphis

The Art of Speaking about the Unspeakable
Revealing the skills and sensibilities that have enabled artist Samuel Bak to tell visual stories of experiences that words are not capable of describing.

Distributed Nationally by Facing History and Ourselves

“…An invaluable tool for our curriculum in schools across the country. You were able to get to essence of the man and his work, and present it with skill, understanding and high aesthetic value. We’ve received consistently positive feedback from students and teachers who have used the film.”
– Marc Scvirsky / VP of Programs, Facing History and Ourselves

U.S.S. The Sullivans
Covering three wars, 20 years
at sea, and the stories of ‘generations’ of crews who proudly served on this ship named for 5 brothers lost together early in WWII.

Distributed by “The Sullivans” Alumni Association

“From our first meeting we knew we had met the right people to help us get this job done for my brothers on ‘The Sullivans’…As I sat in a roomful of veterans watching this film, I saw tears come to their eyes. Thanks for helping bring our memorable experiences on ‘The Sullivans’ back to life. Great job. Well done!”
– Bill Galenau / U.S.S. The Sullivans Alumni Association

A Story of Survival
Detailing the unimaginable journey to freedom and life that Max endured as a teenager, and now shares with students who are the same age he was then.

Distributed as part of a School Curriculum on the Holocaust

“Verissima documented my father’s legacy not only for our family, but the entire community. It will serve to educate about the effects of those who survived the Holocaust for years to come. The feedback  is overwhelming.”
– Ida E / Memphis, TN

The Jews of Memphis
Besides nurturing their own communities, the small population of Jews in Memphis has been an essential element in many important moments in the city’s history.

Distributed locally on
WKNO-TV & nationally on
The Jewish Channel

“An excellent historical documentary about a group that played a major role in the growth and development of Memphis. Audience response was enthusiastic, the program continues to be aired periodically in WKNO’s Memphis Memoirs series.”
– Jo L. Potter / Special Projects Manager, WKNO-TV