Histories of Place

Whether you’re downsizing from a beloved home, leaving a favored vacation spot, or telling the tale of family heirlooms…
You Can Take It with YouTM, in a video history tour that will keep your stories and images fresh for future generations.

Down on the Cape
A sad leave-taking from a beloved summer cottage is eased the by mother and daughter taking a video tour to preserve treasured memories.
“Our Cape house has been in the family since the 1930’s and I wanted to document the essence of what we’d enjoyed for
four generations. Pam and Rob captured the story beautifully Now we can keep our house and our memories forever.”
Judy S / Sharon, MA



Our Lovell Homestead
When it came time to sell the Maine house that nurtured three generations of this family, they did all they could to stay connected to that which had so much meaning for them.
“We’re grateful to have our personal documentary of our love affair with our Lovell homestead. Showing it to our children – and they to theirs – to see, listen and feel the emotion will preserve our experience in ways simple photos cannot.”
Peter W / Camden, ME



Country House in the City
We follow ‘Delwood’s’ history from its early years as a secluded country estate, to its present status inside the city limits.
“We hope we won’t have to sell our ‘country’ home…but if we ever do, we’ll know that future generations will be able to experience it with all the history we remember and the beauty we enjoy now.”
Honey S / Memphis, TN