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Whether you want to generate business, motivate your employees, raise awareness or funds, or attract new members, we will tell the story of your company or organization inventively to help you achieve these goals.

The Gift of Freemasonry
Helping potential members see what it means to be a Mason
in the words of men whose lives have been enriched by being part of the fraternity.

“We made 5,000 copies, and they’ve been regularly and enthusiastically applauded. Pam did in-depth interviews with past Grand Masters which are an irreplaceable trove of knowledge for future generations of Masons to enjoy and learn from.”
WB Robert Huke / Communications Director – Society of Freemasons

The Warren Group
A 135-year tradition of integrity remains at the core of a modern company that is the pre-eminent source of real estate / banking news data in New England.
“You have captured the essence of what The Warren Group is all about. Thanks for your skill and dedication to this project. It is a real masterpiece that will be equally important for our employees and our clients.”
David Lovins / President – The Warren Group

Calvary Episcopal Church
After 175 years, Calvary Church remains vital by reaching out to its downtown Memphis community in a variety of innovative and effective ways.
“When we first showed the film, one moment you could have heard a pin drop, the next laughter filled the air, and afterwards there were tears of joy… the people of Calvary told their story, and Pam & Rob had captured it heart and soul.”
Laura Trott / Director of Communications – Calvary Church

The Pioneers of Portia Law
Portia, the first Law School for women, has become New England Law / Boston. We did portraits of twelve Alumnae — several over 90 — for their Centennial Celebration.
“Pam and Rob were able to elicit the unique experience of each Alumna, and the vignettes combined to create a rich tapestry of Portia Law School in the early days. Even the most elderly subjects came vividly to life as they spoke.”
Anne Acton / Director – Law Library, New England Law | Boston