Video Biographies

If the African proverb “We live as long as someone remembers our story” is true, these people will live on for generations to come.


A Memoir on Film
Wrested suddenly from a life of privilege at age seven, Tim found himself living in rural Maine where he discovered a new world, including his future wife.
“I was literally stunned by the skill and painstaking care with which they gathered and wove together reams of interviews, photos, articles, etc., into a multi-generational history that unfolded smoothly, logically and seamlessly.”
Timothy W / Topsham, ME



The Greenville Sun
This four-generation newspaper operation still has a deep connection between the family and the business, embodied in this profile of “Miss Quincy.”
“We were transfixed watching the history of our family come to life. It was a tour de force of editing, pulling together all the  aspects of the story with original local music that kept it rolling along. It was brilliant, far exceeding my high expectations.”
John M Jones, Jr / Editor – The Greeneville Sun



The Best Parts of My Life
Combining JC’s home-movies with Ann’s interview comments adds zest to the story of their society wedding and their honeymoon in Florida.
“Pam and Rob made Mom completely comfortable about talking through the events of her life and elicited all the classic family stories  that mean so much to us. Through the DVD, our family can continue to enjoy my mother.”
Brewster W / San Francisco, CA



My Trip to the Golden West

Clint recounts how he put
himself through college in the Depression, and was able to

go on the “trip of lifetime”
while he was there.

“The recent holiday afforded us time to watch the Academy-Award-deserving film about Clint Pearson…I was so impressed by the production values of the film. Color, sound, clarity, editing, composition, etc. were all fabulous.”
Kaywin Feldman / Director – Minneapolis Institute of Arts



Our Blended Family
Jeanne and Henry each
brought children to their marriage. How they all learned to come together as a family has been at the center of their happiness and success as a couple.
“We’ve watched it many times and are so blown away by it. The combination of shots, pictures, music is just overwhelming! You both have done such a masterful job and we deeply appreciate it.”
Jeanne & Henry V / Memphis, TN



Saving The Company

The death of the founder early in the Depression and the bold survival strategy of his son are
a dramatic chapter of this
four-generation family business.


“Rob and Pam genuinely cared about understanding our family and our company, the relationship of one to the other, and telling that story clearly and well. They have done it with excellence and given us a priceless family heirloom.”
Tim Warren, Jr / CEO –  The Warren Group